The Story of my Cab Driver

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There was this cab driver in my PS (Yahoo! Bangalore), who was very active and I went in his cab some twice or so.Yesterday, I left company at 12midnight and came upon this driver again.He seemed to be filled with a lot of josh then.Then I started just talking with him and asked him about his daily routine.The topic moved on and he shared his story with me.I thought the story is worth mentioning here.Its like one of the greatest real life love stories I may have been contemporary to.The story goes as follows(Ofcourse, I am rephrasing the story but not storyline):

Once there was a Muslim family with a daughter named Shabana.By the time the kid was around 2 years, she lost both her parents.One of their relatives took her and put her in an orphanage. There a Mallu family adopted the child and named her as Shubha. Shubha was seen by those Mallu couple as there own kid and made her be happy always.When she grew older she got a job in HR for some nice consulting company with a pay of around 80k per month.So life was going happy and blessed for them.

One day, she had a small quarrel with a cab driver when she hit the cab drivers cab when getting down from her cab.The next day she has to go in the same cab of the previous day's driver.So they just had a nice laugh and so knew each other.The guy said that his name is Azham and she told her name as Shubha.From then they became sort of like friends.

Azham is not actually a poor guy.He has 4 cabs on his name and he's the only son of his parents. His hobby was driving and so he used to drive his own cab. Friendship between Shubha and Azham got better as the time passed.Then this guy, Azham, inquired of Subha, got her birth certificate etc and realized that her name was Shabana and she was brought up the Mallu parents. They also got to know that they were both born on the same day except for the gap of hours.

With some more incidents, their friendship turned into love.After some hiccups, they both got married. Azham has discontinued his B.Com in his second year. Shubha told him that as she is in a good job, she doesn't want him tio be looked down by her friends and colleagues.So she asked him to finish his B.Com.So he joined B.Com.Meanwhile with Shubha's and Azham's earnings, they bought a car, 2 houses for them.Even after Azham joined for B.Com he did not stop driving as it was his hobby. Azham successfully finished his B.Com with 92.8% .

Subha got pregnant in the meanwhile.She had to undergo sizarian as the kid was above normal size. But Subha has seen Azham's cousin having a sizarian and put for 12 hours in ICU. Seeing that she felt she doesn't want to be far from her new born kid for even 1 hour. Even Subha's mother supported her. This made her not budge to sizarian and she wanted tog o only for a normal delivery. Even their family doctor said Azham can't live without you. But still she did not budge. In the whole matter Azham did not say anything against Subha.

Just hours before Subha's delivery, doctors said , Azham has to choose among the kid and the mother. Then Azham said he will go for his wife and not for the kid.So doctor's went on with it. But by God's will, the baby has turned over. And doctors could not save Subha.So Subha got expired.The next day even the child got expired. This broke Azham's heart.

He sold all his cabs and those properties. Now he drives his cab for Yahoo! offices. Night at 12 he goes for a trip from Yahoo! EGL office to Marthahalli side and in the morning at 8.30 he goes for one trip on another Yahoo office. He stays with his parents with no aspirations or anything else.His In-laws offered him their brother's daughter but he refused saying Subha is the only person in his life.He just remembers her like that. Read the full story

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Pull is better than a Push

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As the classics Physics problem goes it's always easy to pull a buggy rather than push it under normal conditions.So why does this technical thing come here? I always see people saying you should help people around you and so forth. Ok, I am fine with it. But what frustrates me is this - the so called great people sacrifice themselves and even their lives to help the people around them. Whenever I see them, it only reminds me of the above classic Physics theory.

For me, helping others is always a good thing. But I would suggest you to help only when you are in such a state where you can help. For example, I can't forgo my studies(OK, whichever is your favorite.But here may be this example suits well) to teach some people in the slum. By this again, I don't mean the rich are the only ones to help others.What I intend to convey is only a satisfied and blessed hand should try to hold other hand reaching out for help.So here goes my Pyramid Pull 'philosophy" (PPP).

Think of a pyramid.Take the base area to be the highly populated class and the top tip as the Number One position.So indirectly I mean to say take the area to be proportional to the population and the height from base as the level of achievement.It perfectly suits a practical life. For any desire/goal/wish the number of people with particular level of achievement is always inversely proportional to the amount of achievement i.e., quantity is inversely proportional to quality.

So, for convenience , say, the levels be marked from 1 to 10. Suppose you are now on level 1, you should always concentrate on making yourself to level 2, but not on pushing one of the persons in level 1 to level2 .Remember that the area of level2 is lesser than level1.So if you push a person to level 2 while you being at level 1 then you have reduced your chances to level 2 .As there is no level 0, in this case there is no need of a pull.

Now take the case of you being on any level from 2 to 9.Now again the same theory follows against pushing a person to the top level.But here comes a new situation.Now, you can pull your friend from lower level to your level.Before that first make yourself to the top level.Thereby you get the chance of building a network which helps you in future.Also you can make it spread by saying the person on your lower level to pull a person in the even lower level to him.Thereby your chain sustains.With help from the person on the top of the chain entire chain propagates and each and everyone advances to the levels above.And because, the person on top of chain had to make a lot of effort he will have support from everyone from the bottom of the chain.Remember one more thing, you have to only pull the person just below your level but not the person on level 1.This makes the chain haphazard and doesn't help you in any manner.Instead, always prefer to force the person immediately below your level to pull a person below in order for him to make it to a higher level.

Then comes the ultimate phase of you coming to level 10.Now that there's no other level on top you can't pull a person above his level.This leads to dissatisfaction in the level 9 members.They, now, don't have any chance of making it to level 10 if they are going to support you.So they will plan to pull you down instead of you pulling them up.So in this situation comes the role of great wisdom.Pull should always work and it works here too.Make the persons down your link in the chain feel that they are going to make it to the top by building a virtual layer above you and you climbing it.What????Virtual layer??Yah, actually what you are doing is now making the pyramid leave the ground and fly off.You will get everyone below your levels to feel they reached to the next level by making the pyramid go up with collective effort.Again the pull factor plays its role here.You pull people down your link, they pull below them and so on.But surprisingly, the push comes back here.The people on level 1 will now push themselves from the ground to heights.This way a proper working system should be.

If you forget your level and think to bring everyone to your level then that will be the end of development.Always, the point to be remembered is individual is greater than a nation./So first the individual should develop, then his family, then may be his street, then the town,then district,then state and so on.But again, the individual will be at the top of this entire development face.He should be the shoot of a creeper rather than being at the root of it.

For this post, I thought I will relieve you from those Bold Quotable Quotes. Read the full story


Precious Moments - Things you would like to look back

Ha, whoever the visitor makinghellperfectplace2enjoy is, he really makes me feel special.Man you rock.His last comment though offtopic reminded me of this cool video.So just wanted to share it with you people.This is a famous "Gateway of India" scene from movie BluffMaster.
I am not a good reviewer of movies myself but still would like to express my view (after all its my blog :) on this special scene.The way Boman injects it into viewer's mind is really awesome.He starts it with the character's seemingly stupid banter.Though it seems stupid, the character puts in all its efforts to console the Hero. It irritates the hero and even audience initially.But from that state of low ebb, slowly he makes the hero and the viewers realize the essence in the gyaan he gave.That's a really commendable way of injecting things into a non listening customer.May be I should conclude with a quotable quote:

It's not idiotic my friend, it's just idiographic

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The closest and the perfect relation

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Ha, may be my last post has made some chaotic remarks and might have produced a highly confused state in atleast some minds and questions like "Has he gone mad?","Is he highly pessimistic?","Am I so lonely?" etc.But the answer to the question at the is perfectly answere by one of the readers by a weird name "makinhellaperfectplace2enjoy" .That is exactly what I wanted to convey.Ofcourse, there is also something extra(otherwise this post wouldn't have made it way here :) ).

Yeah, continuing with the last post.

It is you, the idiot, who has left all your old relations and fell behind the new ones.

But what is the reason behind? See deep into the heart and you will know.In most of the cases(well most) , you did not break the relation. It's just that you have moved away from the person involved and the relation slowly got vanished.But still the relation always exists there as a strong entity. It's kind of like the case in which you are in a well with a good rope to help making way out.Though you are currently not on the surface, you still are sure you can get to the top as and when you want.This case is a similar one ( well, you may not really be in a well now and may be in a heaven sorts.Still, this holds) . So you can bring back most of your relations by a simple initiative.May be some times a snail mail does it all.So it's not that you are lonely. It's just that you got a new land to stay on.

But what is it that makes you move far from all your current relationships? To be frank, it's just how a human mind is made of. Human mind always wishes for a change in life.I am sure all those seemingly "contented" people still seek a change in the way they live.And this is how it will always be.A college going student thinks "Ohh! God save me from these assignments".But when God blesses him/her with what (s)he wished for by giving unexpected holidays, he says , "Damn these hols! Gotta get some work man!". This kinding of thinking of human makes him/her to change his daily chore(BTW if it's changing why is it called a chore).When you change your chore, you sure have to change some things in life.One of those is the people with whom you remain in contact. Your relation with your parents changes only when you get a new job and find no time.You missed the relation with your siblings only when they are married(a change of chore ;)) or some other change.You got away from your old friends only when you changed to a new school or college.So, my friend, it's all dynamic.Life changes and so you have to change your relations.So again the question comes.

Is there not one relation which I can say is everlasting?

For this what I can do is quote the best possible explanation by makinhellaperfectplace2enjoy :

such a relationship exists n its the relationship u have with urself...............

a person knows ,somewhere deep in his heart WHAT HE IS>>>>

the relationship is constant and permanent and always getting stronger as he explores himself with each passing moment...

THE momentum of centre of mass in CM frame is zero..

I would also like to add one my favorite quote to it.

ME is Matter and Energy.ME can neither be created nor destroyed.It can only be changed from one form to other.

So make friends with ME.Though you know or not, you are already doing it.It's inside you and your relation gets better with every experience of the so called relations. Read the full story

Relations? Huh! not affairs my dear!

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Relations? What are they??? Obviously they are not just the affairs(you spoilt brat). They are actually a part and parcel of your life. Your parents, your siblings(a big word for those brain eating creatures), your friends,your girl friends (the s in friends is intentional ;) ... the list goes on.These days we have also got those pseudo relationships as in IDPop etc (I will blog about them later). But what it takes for a relation to be ever lasting? Before that may be we have to define what is called an ever lasting relation?

In my dictionary, a relation can be termed as everlasting iff (see the double f -it means if and only if) the relation stays always the same from the time it got stemmed till the end. Maybe it can be strengthened but it should never show even a slightest decrease in the quality.

So which relation you may term as an everlasting one? Not just India, my friend, think global. If you think about it you are really in a fix. Now, you realize that there is no one in your life with whom you can term an everlasting relationship.

You and your parents are not as close after crossing your teenage as much as it was before.So that relationship is out of question.Then come your favorite opponents in the boxing ring- your siblings.One day, you or your siblings get to marry someone from alien lands and there ends the story of your relationship.C'mon you have to think harder.May be you will find atleast one.No way.Your past Girl/Boy Friends? They are already a past memory.If you are married then may be that alien could be your savior.No it still doesn't help.Some day after you are blessed with offspring(I think they should be called halfspring , a spring that is not yet full).Then you and your beloved half get less time to spend among yourselves.Again the affection got diverted. Ok, may be your offspring will fill that gap with a hard gummed relation.No way.Offspring is always to kick you off and when they are out of teenage they finish their destined deed.

And forget about those silly relations like uncle,aunt,nephew,cousin etc.So in your entire life you did not find one person who could make a perfect everlasting relation with you?Hey, you forgot the most important part of your life.Your friends (yay) .They are surely gonna save me out of this trauma.Isn't it? No again you are ditched. Tell your best friend?I am sure the answer wouldn't be your first friend of life.Huh! So whenever you get a new friend, the new friend is sweeter that the old?Or may be the distance between you and the old friend made you feel the new one your best friend?What falling into another trauma?My friend in the whole conversation (I know it's not really a conversation), you forgot one point.The thing is

It is you, the idiot, who has left all your old relations and fell behind the new ones.

So are you the culprit?Think about it.May be you will fond answer in my future post. Read the full story