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One Monster Operating System

14 March 2009 View Comments »

Windows (Microsoft) has again lived upto its name. It was only a week before we were installing windows 7 beta in my sidie's laptop. The first boot screen itself stomped me. It showed a thank you blah blah screen saying

Thank you for using Windows Vista

Wow, are we again back into the gloomy world of Vista? We thought after all it is a beta, and let us move forward. We did the installation with ignoring small problems like it identifying 4 types of partitions (mind you, last time I checked, Intel recognises only primary and extended pertition types) etc. Then infront of our eyes was the mighty Windows 7 beta. Ohh God, this boy looks very kewl.

A KDE-like taskbar is the first one which caught our eye. The best part about the taskbar is that the way it shows grouped windows. Simply, awesome I say (No irony here). My friend was so enthued to even put a status message in his GTalk saying

Windows 7- Many steps closer to Linux

But his joy did not even last for one week. He was saying yesterday that "Windows 7 sucks big time. Nothing works here" . Ohh... back to ground zero my friend. May be you should have a dose of xkcd

Or you should have atleast read this:

Me: "What compiler do you use?"
Friend: "Well, Qbasic is my favorite."
Me: "Nobody over the age of eight uses QBasic for serious purposes."
Friend: "But they made windows with QBasic."
And finally, somebody wants to code an OS like Windows. They pay you in the range 20$-100$. So, you QBasic freaks out there have a look at this: Code OS like Windows XP Read the full story