A walk to remeMBer

06 October 2008 View Comments »

One day, I was walking from my bhawan (Ram) to the Meera Bhawan(it's Venus of BITS-pilani, where you find flocks of love birds, referred to as MB).As I was alone, the usual, mind bending thought session took off-
"Huh, galz?Eeeek...they have no role in my life except for those bounded by blood relations.

Hey, but I can never forget the first love(read it as crush) of mine.Wow! What a gal she was.I followed her wherever she went.I felt she too was giving positive response.Oh boy! All my classmates got to know of it.And all dreams are gone.I was just making her feel embarrassed by my stupid antics. She never abhorred me.What a gal she waz!

Oh, how can I forget this gal who was my close friend? I was never a senior to her. Friend, as I took her, was the person I would always love to talk with.Gosh! Someone raised a gossip and some other started teasing and some other hated her.And gone were those wonderful days of paradise with the friend I would always love to spend time with.

Time always is a good medicine.And it also is a good discoveror.That is the reason why it has discovered for me, the coolest person I have ever met.This girrrrrl is gifted with that lovely ability of understanding me.Man! Does she read my mind? My complex mind just complicates the issue of how she communicates with my most complicated complex(brain) in an uncomplicated way.Oh she has even got my sense of humor.But again time unleashed another weapon of its and, presto! she's gone.
Ohh! My kool BITSian daughts.Haha, I don't have a wife but I have daughters.What a great feeling. A relation which is not bound by blood or knot but it is so close that I can't stay for a day without speaking to or seeing atleast one of them. They surely are the most adorable creatures I would have seen till now.The different streams made me loose hold of one of the daughters, but still I have two others who make my day.

Are all galz turning into angels?No there sure are demons.Any creature is never an angel or a devil by birth.It is just their thinking that turns them into one.May be I am devil to someone of you but may be I am angelic to others. But for me shez the most devilish kind.First, you misunderstood my words, spread it to all what you felt were my intentions though they were not.I get depressed to loose an entire sem of my valuable time, still working hard to stick the broken bonds, and , you turn out against me for some other reasona dn say that is the reason you hated me before.What should I do? After all, if you see with the wrong eye, everything appears wrong.

Hey hey hey, am I going to the dark part of life?Ok, let's see how many girls have part in my life..Oh looks like they are good number but not a very big one.Hmm., I think I forgot that neighbour of mine.Umm, what about those girls from my school? Oh., I thin I am forgetting many more.Let me remember, .................................................. and the list is going on big.Let me stop here"

And I reached MB where my BITSian sister(a senior) was waiting for me.Hmm., the list never ends. Read the full story

Lazyness - The culprit that could save or destroy the world

01 October 2008 View Comments »

Yeah, I agree that I am the laziest creature in this world.I didn't like to burn my calories by walking all the way to the canteen.So those retards declared that I am fit for nothing.But, all of a sudden, I discovered that I can use a bicycle instead of walking to the canteen.Now, I enjoy bicycling to the canteen and the old retards are trying to catch upon my method.

So what does above say? Because I was lazy enough, I discovered a way out to reduce the work I have to do.Though I compromised upon the amount of work I do, the result is in no way altered. The lazy creature is the one which always gives rise to a change. It tries to decrease the effort put up in each and every thing and thereby it reduces the amount of work done over there.

Now, this friend of mine too is lazy enough. He didn't wan't go through all the process of working hard to earn money. So he created a program ,with his engineering( may be you call it hacking) knowledge, that swindles the banks' money into his accounts.Yeah, now he was benefited in a way.No one found out that he was a criminal. He had a lot of money and thought of drawing it from that bank. He goes there and gets surprised to find out that the bank has been locked out(if taht's the exact term for it) and no deposits are going to be returned.He lost his  money too now.

In the above case the lazyness of my friend resulted in not only him but also the loss of other people.He never had bad intentions of hurting others. He just wanted to save himself from the hurdles of hard work. It resulted in him playing that criminal deed.

So the point here is that Lazyness is the one and only cause that has the ability to make or break the world as a whole.So it is not wrong to be lazy(I can comfortably say), but the only thing that matters is where will your lazyness lead you towards - "the change for the better or the change for the bitter"?

Just decide among yourself. Read the full story