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Who the hell is LuckyMurari?

04 May 2009 Leave a Comment

Aim for the moon, You may atleast land on stars
I realized recently that I have a link in my navigation for my about page but it pointed only to the home page of my blog. So I took this huge task of writing an about page.

According to an estimate, a little less than 7 billion people are currently living in this beautiful world.But how many of them enjoy the pleasure being famous? Not even a million right?  That is what I would like to see myself in .

Though my parents named me Santosh Lakshman with a surname "Murari Shetty" which came as a bonus, like many of the youngsters, I named myself LuckyMurari. Ofcourse Lucky came from Lakshman and Murari from my surname.

I just completed my Bachelors of Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. Though my specialization there was Electricals and Electronics, I was never really into it. Since my early college days, I was interested in Computers and Internet. Added to that is my zeal for fame which got me into Entrepreneurship.

I am involved with different internet ventures. I used to flip websites initially.Now-a-days I build multiple websites with different content and stuff. In doing these tasks, I learnt a lot about SEO and internet marketing. I can confidently say that, I am your SEO consultant with lots of tricks up his sleeve.

I did an internship at Yahoo! India for a period of 5 months and during this time I went deep into programming. Though I was involved with doing basic front-end stuff previously, here I got myself neck deep in PHP, C++ and Webservices programming. I am good enough in those but got fed up with the routine kind of work. So, no, I am not a WebDeveloper. But I am good at prototyping web 2.0 applications. So this explains my ability as a web 2.0 applications architect .

I started up an offline venture with 2 of my other friends. The venture was named Colon K and it is your one stop personalized merchandise solution. Currently I am working on it.

I am already involved with the BITSexam - BITSAT sample papers website. With my friend, Arvind we try to help the students who try to clear the admissions test BITSAT of our college.

I am awarded Mantra "Entrepreneur of the year" award  and was also winner of the IBM quiz (I won a damn cool netbook in it :)) held at BITS-Pilani during APOGEE 2009.

In this blog, I try to blog some random stuff and try to keep it as personal as possible.

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