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The metamorphosis of a family called BITS-Pilani

06 April 2009 Leave a Comment

BITS-Pilani Meri jaan...

I joined BITS in the year of 2005 as a kiddo.. and now I am at the last stages of my BITSian life in my fourth year... So what are the changes seen in this family from the first year to the fourth year?

Before 2005, the family was like in Ukraine, where the female race outnumbered male race. Enter 2005, the era of child killings started. Females children were considered too dangerous to the community and the entry of new female children was restricted. Some thought the theory of evolution will make only the best of the females to have their presence in the family. But by 2009 it turned into Vatican city.

Long before 2005, as the legend would say, there used to be flushes of grass grown in the QTs of bhawans , which made the grass growers reach the nirvana for their service. By 2005, the Ganga water and agarbathis have become the only source for the Nirvana. Cometh 2009, the Retro trend emerged back. We again see the grass going here and there with the eco-green slogans flowing around. Though not as in those legendary stories, the patches of grass are showering rays of hope on the Future lighters.

Before 2005, there were those mighty Departments which used to provide job for a lot of the family members. There were also some clubs which gave the berojgar youth some respite.2005, the giant Departments started to feel the heat of the absence of female family members, which was their only source of attracting the male members to takeup jobs with them. The clubs which were based on hobbies and acads started to gain prominence among the individuals. Cometh 2009, the picture is blown out of imagination. The trend now is that of startups. Every individual who plans to start his own club. The number of clubs that offer jobs to family members have increased 4-fold in 4 years.

Before 2005, Chatting over the LAN( lanchat) was the favorite past time. In 2005, the big G(Google) started making people talk and IPs started barter Exchange. Cometh the 2009, the hubs and pubs emerged. +trivia and **** became the regular activity. Brothers(Wingies) now talk to each other through wires and the corridors have been population controlled.

Before 2005, the bus was mostly empty. Cometh 2005, the bus filled full. And now, the bus is over crowded and people are loaded like in the GOAn mini buses. There were rebellions and outcries asking to replace the old bus with a Volvo. Some great thinkers are making suggestions to replace the bus with a train instead. On the other hand, the Placement division has offered the Bus authorities to replace it with their buses which are now remaining mostly unfilled due to the recent accident on Recession Street

There were also many other major changes in the family which I might throw the light later.Meanwhile, make me feel happy (and you know what to do for that :)).

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