Updates 28/08/2008

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I was hinted by Arvind that it is better not to give daily updates, but instead give some biweekly or weekly updates.And it seemed reasonable to em.So I decided to update like wise.Now that I have a lot of info.

This week has been a very satisfying for me work wise :) but very bad personally :( In work I had to stay back till eleven thrice this week(ofcourse, don't think I am working all the hours,its only because I have to contact some person in SunnyVale,US to get some details).Personally many losses.Lost my spectacles.Realized that my PAN Card got misdelivered.My Cellphone headphones seemingly will never arrive back to me :(
But today got my second pay check and again it's sad to see that it's only 14,500 instead of 20K-Taxes=18K :(

Gali will be coming to Bang day after tomorrow.Most probably he will be staying at my PG.Have to make him comfortable("Athidi Devobhawa" :)My eyes started paining due to lack of speds.Have to get them as soon as possible probably on saturday :(

Was very sad and tensed 'coz of some of the happenings on campus :(But will wait and see.Sorry for this quick update with not much clear information.Anyways I am always available on IM and Phone :) Read the full story

Daily Updates 24/08/2008

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Hmm, Another round of updates :)Yeah, I kno this is Sunday but still I came to company :).So yesterday was a dull day n I just bought a headphones which gave me shock so near to my brain slot.Ofcourse, I was saved due the lack of that part :) Actually Fri nite I slept at K@k@'s room n morning came back to my room.My roomie (you ppl donno naa :) ) came today morning at arnd 630.I have to go to my room now n right that stupid PS dairy as I have GD tomorrow.No tensions abt that part..newayz I don care it :) But my major tensions is to go to that stupid "STAPLEs" which sold me thos eheadphones @330 just to give me a round of shock.Hmm, lets see what he had to say. Read the full story

Daily update -August 22nd 2008

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Huh, I thought may be I could give short daily updates from now on from my end.They could be as small as those twitter update but just enough to be like that online dairy.And mostly my weekends updates will be missing.So don't feel bad :(

For today was yet another fruitful day.Actually the entire week is so.I have installed that package on FreeBSD box with a lot of difficulty.Nd Saravanan asked me to document it so that all team mates could follow it :) Hemang told even to create a rule so that it can be made installable with single command.Looking forward to do it on monday.Monday I have a GD.We had a nice team get together in the evening and ChitPuneet won that pen drive in the raffle.Wow! what a lucky man he is!I made santosh dash by putting his name without his consent in the raffle.I hoped he wins the pen drive, so that I could use it :P

Then went to NetApps for their weekly party.Andhavarapu got me there.The items were not so good today or may be its the effect of what I ate at my team meet(Mc D's :).Then we played fooze ball for some time.We defeate the *great* team of Andhavarapu and Venky :P Then I gave send off to that idiotic Andhavarapu.Planning to go to Kaka's room.Lets see...bye for the weekend.Enjoyyyyyyy.

PS:BTW, I cancelled my trekking trip to kalwalibetta due to unavailability of rain gear :( Read the full story

The mighty Luck,Yuck and **ck factors

Haha, that could be the only possible funny title I could think of for this article.I also warn you that you require a bit of sense of humour(my type :)) to understand the details in this post!

This guy, who is just into the whole new world, asks "how do you rate a person's life here?What are the criteria that could decide the way he lives it?"

Then that old dumb <you kno wat > answers "Common!Why do you ask this question again and again?It's known to everyone that it's decided by their fate.The fate is the thing which decides their life and the fate is based upon your previous life's deeds.Sometimes He doesn't wait long.He answers your deeds in this life itself." .

Heyy stop!What's all this shit you are talkin man?I dunno how you ppl suck at philosophy. C'mon! Just break that ill feeling of yours.In the end,all that matters is based only three idotic (yeah!) factors - the Luck,Yuck and #$ck factors .These three factors collectively decide the life of just another dirty spine on the world."Huh!only 3?" you ask.Yeah, I say.So what are those luck,yuck and #$ck factors?Yeah, Coming to the point with those ugly big subheadings.

Luck Factor:
You go to a grocery and buy those big and yellow(I call it shit)-colored mangoes paying above the market value. You tie your mouth till you reach your home thinking you will share it with family and eat there.As soon as you go there, you try to cut it without even washing.But all your happiness gets evaporated when you see those mangoes blessed with those insects.Ha!That's called ill-luck.When you saw it in the store, there was not even a hint of those leggy creatures.You wonder why the hell did it happen only to me and not to others.Because their luck factor is normal and you know what your Luck Factor is my friend! You would also never realize that it could have been even worse.Suppose you were in such a hurry that you don't even wait to cut but eat it directly?You would have ended up with a mouthful of the dirty leggy creatures.That's called a bad-luck.You see now,how important role this luck factor plays in designing your life?
So now coming to the old classroom theory,Luck Factor is one of those factors which determines the design of your life.You see it is what that has made Mr.Bill Gates the one with heavier pockets compared to Mr.Steve Jobbs(I know many oppose to my opinion on this, but I know you understood the essence).You cannot decide your Luck Factor, but you can understand and get accustomed depending on that.Luck Factor has many dimensions.It can be ranked may be like Good Luck,Normal Luck,Ill Lock,Bad luck,Worse luck.There are no demarkations or anything to this classification.It all depends on your mindset of how you take it.If in the above practical case you feel that your Luck Factor is normal if you think of the case of mouthful of insects.But if you think of the case of people who are not gifted with those creatures in their share of mangoes,you will fee that you are ill-lucked.So it comes down to this.

You cannot decide your Luck Factor, but you can rate it as you want.
Ok enough of the Luck Factor, now onto the next ugly thing.

Yuck Factor:
After knowing your Luck Factor, now you think may be you can get a refund from the shop keeper for the loss you incurred in the form of that Mangoes.So you go to him.As soon as you go there,the first thing you do is yell at the shop keeper, "Hey yooo $#!@er!Where in the hell do you get these big damn yellow things man?What would have happened if I had not seen these leggy things?I would have ended a mouthful of them?".The shopkeeper makes a cool move and tries to pacify you.He calmly explains you how he cannot know what is present in the mango.You do not budge.You go on yelling it.All the while, the shopkeeper maintains his calmness.In the end, you won't get the refund.Instead, you feel those Yucky remarks of people watching you and the shop keeper arguing.In the end, you have been rated Yuck by many people.If in future, you would try to talk to one of those audience, I am sure you will be treated with Yuck feeling.
Yuck factor(may be the name doesn't sound apt,but that's the best possible rhyming word I got to it) is that factor which determines how much people love you and how much they hate you. A single word for it is "impression".And to get your things done by people, you got to have a good impression with them.This could be got by many ways.Sometimes by money, sometimes by helping, sometimes by your own deeds and some other times by the Luck Factor.So the quotable quote is
My friend, Yuck factor is the factor determining how people perceive and follow you.Yuck Factor, unlike Luck Factor, is mostly determined by your own actions and some times by Luck Factor.
Ha,this post is going real long but wait for the third now.

$#ck Factor:
One of my friends was seeing this wonderful girl in my class room since an year and half.He never talked with her much but he just like her and hence followed her.He used to be like the most greatest lover of all time.Now in comes this dude, a new neighbor of her, who in a span of a week directly goes to her and says "Hey! Wanna date ?".That's it! She goes with him that day, like him and from then on they become the cutest pair I have seen till now.And here my friend breaks down into tears.It took him a whole of an year for him to recover.But with this what comes to the fore is the $#ck Factor.My friend sucked at it and the dude is really an out performer in this factor!

After the practical example, most of you people would be thinking that the $#ck factor is the looks and personality.But it's not.The $#ck factor is the willingness to take those risks.C'mon if you think of something, $#ck just go for it!That's what which could make difference from those nerdy stupid.The $#ck Factor though appears not so important one, you have to know that a delay of even a second could cost you a life.So the end line is
The $#ck is that thing which points out your willingness to take risk and how fats you act upon decisions.So $#ck everything and just go for it
Ohk, may be now I can stop.But just remember
There is no $#cking shit called Fate.The only things which design your life is yourself and it can be gauged on the mighty Luck,Yuck and $#ck Factors.
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Why one more??????

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Hey, I just realized that there is no personal blog for me :( Till now I have been writing blogs just with the motive of earning money or sharing tech talks.But all the while I have forgotten the sole purpose of a blog-

"A blog is an online journal of a person which talks of his views,life or virtually anything"
(well the definition is in my own words :) ).Uhh, none of my blogs had information about my life,my family and my precious friends.So thought I could start one in which I will just put my personal things (ofcourse, personal means just my personal things.Don't expect other people's personal details ).Interning at Yahoo is giving me a whole lot new of ideas which I am not able to catch up with due to busy schedule.Let's see what it turns out to be.I won't publicise this until I have sufficient amount of matter for the people to read(of course, not too much :) ) Read the full story