Daily update -August 22nd 2008

22 August 2008 Leave a Comment

Huh, I thought may be I could give short daily updates from now on from my end.They could be as small as those twitter update but just enough to be like that online dairy.And mostly my weekends updates will be missing.So don't feel bad :(

For today was yet another fruitful day.Actually the entire week is so.I have installed that package on FreeBSD box with a lot of difficulty.Nd Saravanan asked me to document it so that all team mates could follow it :) Hemang told even to create a rule so that it can be made installable with single command.Looking forward to do it on monday.Monday I have a GD.We had a nice team get together in the evening and ChitPuneet won that pen drive in the raffle.Wow! what a lucky man he is!I made santosh dash by putting his name without his consent in the raffle.I hoped he wins the pen drive, so that I could use it :P

Then went to NetApps for their weekly party.Andhavarapu got me there.The items were not so good today or may be its the effect of what I ate at my team meet(Mc D's :).Then we played fooze ball for some time.We defeate the *great* team of Andhavarapu and Venky :P Then I gave send off to that idiotic Andhavarapu.Planning to go to Kaka's room.Lets see...bye for the weekend.Enjoyyyyyyy.

PS:BTW, I cancelled my trekking trip to kalwalibetta due to unavailability of rain gear :(

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