Some kind of reincarnation

12 November 2008 View Comments »

Of late, I am not blogging here.I just felt like I am not just writing a blog but forcing people to pretend that they are reading my blog.As this is my personal blog, I felt there shouldn't be a need for poking people always to read this blog.But one comment by my favorite hell man has made me rethink my decision.I would just go out with my old way and spam people to read it.After all, I have got some loyal readers :)

There is this friend of mine, who wanted to see more feel in my posts and there is this one another reader, who wanted me to continue the girly stuff.I am just lost of how to satisfy all these readers.I am unable to cater to the needs of the precious 3 readers of mine.I wonder how those with more visitors do it.Anyway, I decided this blog title without any subject of matte rin my mind.But lemme try to post somethign that suits to it.

Just in everyone's life,though it is a lonely bastard, there would  always be moments in which they think that they have acquired a new life.There will also be moments in which they feel they have almost lost their life.The thing to remember is in both the situations,in reality, you are reincarnated.People just feel reincarnated when some good things happen to them in life.When they have a bad experience, they forget that they are again reincarnated and just think that they are Zombies- the dead corpses that are roaming around hopelessly.

Difference between the Zombies and the reincarnated souls is just that the Zombies feel they are Zombies and those blessed souls feel they got a new life.After all, it is a matter of thinking.The way you control your brain is the way it controls you.So just at all the turning points you would take in a roadway, you should just feel that you have crossed the most deadliest turn and hereforth there is no more danger.But if you think that you have crossed only a slightest turn and there are more deadlies ones to come, it only makes you encounter one.Moreover, the highway you are on may turn into a path full of pebbles,thorns and it may even become the deathball arena.

If you confidently confide of your confidence, the culmination of crazy careers will not be any coincidence 

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