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Emotions - Love

07 March 2012 View Comments »

Today's rambling is about love. Not the brotherly love, or parental love. It is about the love that is shown a lot in Indian movies - the love between a boy and a girl. I am not a romantic, so don't expect to see the filmy, romantic stuff here. I have not even tasted love. So, I am mostly wrong about what I say here. Nevertheless, I like writing and so be it. People already in love, please excuse me. 

Love is an emotional thing, more than anything else. Once, I did a short survey by asking different friends of mine about their definition of love. Unsurprisingly,  their definitions said about themselves more than anything else. A sensitive person says  stuff like 'Love is life. Love is everywhere. Love is eternal.' etc. A disturbed person says "Love is trash.There is nothing like a true love". A so-called practical thinker says something like "Love is one of the ways in which you get to choose a person whom you are going to share life with " . A confused soul says "Love is that feeling of sleeplessness, dreams and late night chats". They don't know that it is actually called insomnia. A romantic, in his charming style, says "Love - an exhilarating experience that brings two little souls together to form a romantic bond". Well, I did not understand it. 

What I know about love is that it is just another name for friendship. There is a difference between love and friendship though. When it is friendship, it is a reciprocal thing . You are a friend with the opposite person because he is your friend. There are no responsibilities or promises in here. There is a lot of freedom here. In contrast, love is more than being just a friend. You have a responsibility in here.  You want to see the opposite person happy. The lack of freedom here is not a hindrance coz, in return, you are getting a person who is acting out of responsibility for you and is more reliable. It is simple, but many don't really get it. Our hearts are more powerful than the brains!

There are expectations in love. Actually, you have more expectations in this form of love than in any other relation. The problem with having lot of expectations is that you are going to be disappointed when they are not met. And, as much special the 'love' relationship is, it is the most fragile of the relations. You can just break the relation and move away unlike the others like father-son, brother-sister etc., relations. And , it is also a relation that is the most difficult to fix once broken.

I came across this quote on Quora, which I totally believe in - 
Marry your best friend: If the person you're the most comfortable with isn't your spouse, make them! (Assuming this person is not your family member)

Love is a relation where we get to have choice. And, still we let only our hearts do the thinking. We act totally aligned with the cliche 'Love is Blind'. Even though, we have an obvious choice beside us, we go around shopping for the 'love'. We don't let the brain come in and just go behind someone we know nothing about. This is the only relation where you have a choice, and it is the only chance for you. Logically, you think that you would weigh in all your options before taking a step. But, no. You like someone, even without knowing anything about them. Sometimes you get lucky and the person will be a perfect spouse for you. But most of the times, you are in for a bumpy ride. People who can bear it, just endure it silently. People who can't take it anymore, say bye bye to the relation.  

I typed so much of wisdom above but even I fell for such a mindless stuff. The heart simply overpowers our mind. Involvement of heart is totally important but only heart and no brain is a perfect recipe for a disaster. You may call it love, but I will call it a disaster.  

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