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In the Search of Incredible - My Smart Phone Super Power

28 June 2014 View Comments »

Yesterday morning, I visited my cousin's house. She had a 4 year old daughter who is just into school but is already good at operating a smart phone. She plays games, listens to songs and watches videos on my cousin's phone. That's when I went into thoughts about how pervasive mobile phones are in our lives. They are simple but powerful devices. We could use them as a medium for gaining knowledge, entertainment, capturing memories, improving skills and sometimes even to keep fit and healthy.

Then I started thinking about what more could a smartphone accomplish? - I had many ideas like these:
  • operate all my electronic devices and electric appliances through a phone
  • write blog posts out of my thoughts ( lazy me :P)
  • unlimited battery life without need for charging ( like those old solar calculators)
  • smoke detector
  • lie detector
  • 3D projector (like in Iron Man 3 movie)
Most of those ideas were good and seem to become possible in near future. This led to me think harder and get more creative. 
If there is one super power that your phone could have, what would it be?

How about teleportation? Why not time travel? May be Currency printer? 3D Hologram Chatting?

All of them seem awesome. But the best super power for me would be something that saves lives of people. Hence, my favorite superpower would be a phone with ability to measure any person's body vitals like Heartbeat, BP, Pulse etc. It should be able to do all those complex diagnoses like X-ray, MRI, CT Scan etc instantaneously. This should be as simple as like taking pictures and getting reports automatically generated.

With this super power my phone will empower me, to see and observe what others can't see; to do what others can't do. Some of the things this super power could enable me to do are:

Read emotions of people

Emotions of people can be predicted based on their body vitals. So, the next time a lady likes me, I would know before she expresses it. Whenever someone is angry, I could quickly change my actions to calm them down. I could understand the pain and try to soothe it through my actions.

I can figure out hatred, cheating etc and try to stay away from the bad ones.

Diagnosing illness

With my awesome super phone, I can now easily diagnose illness. Spotting the illness earlier could help in suppressing it faster and better. It also will enable to identify problems before even visiting a doctor. Most of times, people don't know about their disease until they visit doctor.  This could potentially help me save lives of people.

We may not be far away from making this seemingly impossible innovation a reality.  Wearable technologies are the first baby steps towards that. 

Update: A friend of mine, after seeing this,  pointed this awesome technology paper to me - Eulerian Video Magnification . Looks like this technology coupled with the powerful cameras that the current day Smartphones seem to possess, my "superpower" can be made possible in reality. That gives me even more confidence :)

There are many companies which are in the race of bringing the best possible super phones. The competition is getting fierce and we are seeing new models every day. It is very difficult to choose a particular model to buy. 

My last smartphone stopped working long ago and I am just using a feature phone currently. I am eagerly waiting to buy the Asus Zenfone 5 when it launches in India. I love my Asus Nexus tablet and the news of Asus re-entering the Indian smartphone market makes me very very happy.

What is your favorite upcoming smartphone? And, what superpower would you like to have on your smartphone?

Update: A friend of mine, after seeing this,  pointed this awesome technology paper to me - Eulerian Video Magnification . Looks like this technology coupled with the powerful cameras that the current day Smartphones seem to possess, my "superpower" can be made possible in reality. That gives me even more confidence :)
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In Pursuit of Awesomeness - Things I did (Updated 26th June 2014)

26 June 2014 View Comments »

A comic on awesomeness

It has been very long (>2 years) since I last blogged. My last post was in May 2014 and I even removed "Blogging" from my hobbies list. My Twitter account now has a boring bio like every other guy. Finally I decided to end this drought and write something.

The easiest way to make my lazy self to do it, is to just rehash an old post as a new one. In June 2011, I wrote a post titled "In Pursuit of Awesomeness - Things I did" . Instead of updating post, I am writing this new one with the things added from the last time. 3 years is a long period and I should have been doing (?) many things that are in my bucket list - Luckymurari's 30 under 30 .Here is the updated list of things I did.

In pursuit of Awesomeness by Lucky

  1.  Skydive ( In beautiful Prague )
  2.  Backpacking alone to an unknown place ( Switzerland )
  3.  Traveled 16 countries ( Eurotrip )
  4.  Steal Something
  5.  Start a Web venture ( BITSexam )
  6.  Start a Company ( Colon K )
  7.  Do rafting ( At Rishikesh )
  8.  Go on a Roadtrip to an unknown destination ( on 26th Jan 2011 )
  9.  Travel around the country on a train ( TATA Jagriti Yatra )
  10.  Miss a flight ( and book the next available flight )
  11.  Write to a Magazine ( wrote to Bhelpuri magazine )
  12.  Work as a freelancer, social media guy, programmer and a writer
  13.  Write Poems in two languages (Telugu and English)
  14.  Cry out loud 
  15.  Jump from 2nd floor of a building ( in 7th or 8th class )
  16.  Pay a bribe and Refuse to bribe ( Traffic Constable and LLR )
  17.  Eat in more than 10 Star Hotels ( Thanks to Startup conferences :P )
  18.  Help organize a national level event (Event Management)
  19.  Watch movies continuously for 20+ hours
  20.  Hack a website ( Secret shhhhh! )
  21.  Make a software Crack ( Desktop Icon Toy )
  22.  Quadboot from a single hard disk ( Ubuntu, Suse, OSx86 and Windows Vista  back in 2006)
  23.  Earn 1 Lakh+ in a month working for myself ( via Eureka Tips )
  24.  Take bath on the railway tracks ( During TATA Jagriti Yatra )
  25.  Study in a premier institute ( BITS Pilani and IIM Calcutta)
  26.  Deeply hated, loved and respected by at least one person each
  27.  Travel more than 50,000 Kms on Trains ( cumulative - during my different trips )
  28.  Stay awake for 48+ hours ( OASIS rocks! )
  29.  Lie under water for more than 2 minutes.
  30.  Donate Blood ( 7 times till now )
  31.  Watch cricket (actually a live telecast) in stadium ( World Cup 2011 Finals at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyd )
  32.  Sleep on a highway, airport ( Also on stairs,grass, portico etc)
  33.  Travel 200+Kms on top of a bus with a girl ( From Pilani to Delhi )
  34.  Receive award/prize in front of an audience of more than 1000
Only 4 things added from the last time. May be, these 3 years were not that productive. Let us see what future has in it. At least, I am able to get a new blog post up ( with some cheating)
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