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My 30 under 30

13 June 2011 Leave a Comment

I recently stumbled upon a few 30 Under 30 Lists. Gaurav and Keerthi Kiran 's list of 30 things to do before  30 inspired me to make my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. I actually have a list of things to do already but this one will be a written on stone kind of list.

The 30Under30 should act as a light house that guides me during the busy  phases of life. I will make it a point to revisit this list and update the progress. I am sure that I will be happy doing that. I will not be putting any things that I have already done under this list.

Lucky's 30 Under 30

1)  Play administrative role in a Sports organization.
2)  Make a world tour.
3)  Learn Chinese.
4)  Host a talk show.
5)  Somehow get involved with a movie/tele-film/TV Ad.
6)  Go to Kulu-Manali, Ladakh and nearby places.
7)  Bungee Jump.
8)  Teach in an Engineering College.
9)  Give a talk to an audience of at least 500.
10) Write to a News Paper.
11) Publish a Book.
12) Make a video of Bicycle stunts by me.
13) Rank first in any significant exam.
14) Get a story about me published in media.
15) Own an educational institution.
16) Spy on someone/something and probably get paid for that.
17) Own a food business.
18) Get a passive income source.
19) Learn to perform somersault in the air (front flip)
20) Get disconnected from everyone I know and stay at an unknown place for a month.
21) Become a VC/Investor.
22) Save someone's life.
23) Design a dress and wear it.
24) Run in a Marathon.
25) Create/Initiate a Viral Campaign.
26) Own/Rent a house on the banks of a water body.
27) Run an Incubator.
28) Shoot a Gun at a shooting range.
29) Do standup comedy to an audience.
30) Ride a Horse.

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