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Steve Jobs - The World is not the same again!

06 October 2011 Leave a Comment

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)
There are people who dream of changing the world. And then there are a selected few who actually change it.

This post is made to commemorate one such great person. Steve Jobs who passed away silently on October 5th has left behind him a great void in the tech world. He has been a man of many things and his life has been very inspirational to lot of us. He left his profound mark on different sects of people - Techies, Entrepreneurs, Sales persons, Musicians, Animators, Developers, Designers and , importantly,  the common man.

On me, Steve has left a lasting influence. He appears in most of my dreams, my thoughts, my talks and my life. "What would Steve do?" is the question I ask when given with confusing choices. He is the person changed the way I think and made me better from what I was before. This video by Steve used to be my most played video in College Days. I used to listen to it almost every day.

Steve Jobs most Inspirational Speech

Here is a simple list of things what Steve Jobs has done:

  • Steve inspired lot of people to become Entrepreneurs.
  • He gave a new meaning to design and showed that it is an important part of our life.
  • He made the letter 'i' iNdispensable in our life and made it the best of all alphabets.
  • He brought us the "Graphics" in computers.
  • He brought us the cute, little Mouse.
  • He showed "Smart Phones" can be Sexy.
  • He made listening to Songs easy.
  • He changed the entire Music industry through iTunes and other iProducts.
  • He changed the Animation industry through Pixar.
  • He changed the computing industry and brought Computers to every household.
  • He changed the Mobile industry through iPhone.
  • He created a new industry- Tablets through iPads.
  • He showed how best your Supply Chain can be through iStores.
  • He made Sales Persons sexy through his Pitches.
  • He made Apple bigger than Microsoft and intel combined.
  • He showed the world how you need to give sales pitches.
  • He created a new and easier way for developers to earn through his "App Stores".
  • He made Animation movies which are not just for kids and people are no more embarrassed to watch them.
  • He made people to be proud of their creations.
The above are just some of what Steve has given to the world. With 313 patents, he is the CEO with most number of patents. This shows how much of hands on he is with the products, rather than just signing off the checks!   

And with the below gem, I would say Rest in Peace, Steve! 'i' am made by you!

God took away Steve 'coz he wanted his own iPhone! RIP Steve.

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