The Story of my Cab Driver

20 September 2008 Leave a Comment

There was this cab driver in my PS (Yahoo! Bangalore), who was very active and I went in his cab some twice or so.Yesterday, I left company at 12midnight and came upon this driver again.He seemed to be filled with a lot of josh then.Then I started just talking with him and asked him about his daily routine.The topic moved on and he shared his story with me.I thought the story is worth mentioning here.Its like one of the greatest real life love stories I may have been contemporary to.The story goes as follows(Ofcourse, I am rephrasing the story but not storyline):

Once there was a Muslim family with a daughter named Shabana.By the time the kid was around 2 years, she lost both her parents.One of their relatives took her and put her in an orphanage. There a Mallu family adopted the child and named her as Shubha. Shubha was seen by those Mallu couple as there own kid and made her be happy always.When she grew older she got a job in HR for some nice consulting company with a pay of around 80k per month.So life was going happy and blessed for them.

One day, she had a small quarrel with a cab driver when she hit the cab drivers cab when getting down from her cab.The next day she has to go in the same cab of the previous day's driver.So they just had a nice laugh and so knew each other.The guy said that his name is Azham and she told her name as Shubha.From then they became sort of like friends.

Azham is not actually a poor guy.He has 4 cabs on his name and he's the only son of his parents. His hobby was driving and so he used to drive his own cab. Friendship between Shubha and Azham got better as the time passed.Then this guy, Azham, inquired of Subha, got her birth certificate etc and realized that her name was Shabana and she was brought up the Mallu parents. They also got to know that they were both born on the same day except for the gap of hours.

With some more incidents, their friendship turned into love.After some hiccups, they both got married. Azham has discontinued his B.Com in his second year. Shubha told him that as she is in a good job, she doesn't want him tio be looked down by her friends and colleagues.So she asked him to finish his B.Com.So he joined B.Com.Meanwhile with Shubha's and Azham's earnings, they bought a car, 2 houses for them.Even after Azham joined for B.Com he did not stop driving as it was his hobby. Azham successfully finished his B.Com with 92.8% .

Subha got pregnant in the meanwhile.She had to undergo sizarian as the kid was above normal size. But Subha has seen Azham's cousin having a sizarian and put for 12 hours in ICU. Seeing that she felt she doesn't want to be far from her new born kid for even 1 hour. Even Subha's mother supported her. This made her not budge to sizarian and she wanted tog o only for a normal delivery. Even their family doctor said Azham can't live without you. But still she did not budge. In the whole matter Azham did not say anything against Subha.

Just hours before Subha's delivery, doctors said , Azham has to choose among the kid and the mother. Then Azham said he will go for his wife and not for the kid.So doctor's went on with it. But by God's will, the baby has turned over. And doctors could not save Subha.So Subha got expired.The next day even the child got expired. This broke Azham's heart.

He sold all his cabs and those properties. Now he drives his cab for Yahoo! offices. Night at 12 he goes for a trip from Yahoo! EGL office to Marthahalli side and in the morning at 8.30 he goes for one trip on another Yahoo office. He stays with his parents with no aspirations or anything else.His In-laws offered him their brother's daughter but he refused saying Subha is the only person in his life.He just remembers her like that.

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