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10+ Reasons Why I bunked most of my College Classroom sessions

21 April 2011 View Comments »

Well, college life is the most awesome phase of life for everyone. That is the time when we enjoy the life in its pristine form. We don't have the pressure of parents forcing us to pursue their unfulfilled dreams. We don't need to worry about the future phase of life that is infested with worries that come in different forms and sizes like job, marriage, kids etc.

My college life is no less. Like everyone, I too feel that my college life is the best of all. This is the time I made some great friends, got attracted to some marvelous girls, faced some unpleasant rejections, enjoyed some lucky successes and discovered a lot of new passions. This is the time I  had lot of happy moments, a few very sad moments, and many memorable moments.

Whenever some one asks me why my college life was like what it was - my reason is that I bunked most of my engineering classes. Every college student likes bunking classes. I am no less. My college too helped the cause by not making attendance compulsory. They probably believe that we are mature enough to make our own decisions and that is the reason why I love my college a lot.
So, I wondered why did I bunk most of my College classes. Then I arrived at the following 10+ reasons for why I bunked my classes.

1. Friendships don't happen in Classrooms

Everyone knows that you can't have fun in a classroom. And, you also know that friendships are formed during fun time. So, if I don't want to remain alone through my college life, then I have to go out and make friends. I need to go for fun trips, watch some random worthless movies and play games that are designed for kids. After all, friends are the ones who are going to help you in preparing for exams :)

2. Lecture Slides/Notes Zindabad

As the Gen-y students we need to be advanced in every aspect of life and adopt the new technology.So why not adopt the latest revolution that is Lecture slides ? There are some class room notes that need to be photocopied, for everything else there are lecture slides. My college being one of the premier institutes in the country there is no dearth for lecture slides at all. There are even advanced versions made using the imaginary flow chart given below.

3.  Professors Bore me to Death

Well don't get me wrong. I love my professors and they are knowledgeable enough to teach. But most of the professors are old and they are too slow. The entire lecture explained by them in a 1 hour class can be grasped by glancing over the lecture slides for 15 minutes. Moreover, we anyways refer lecture slides at the eleventh hour. So, why do we need double work?

4.  The Curriculum Sucks

The world knows it. The curriculum that is designed in archaic times is no way in sync with the current industry. I know it and you know it. Why should we waste our time in these closed spaces? Instead we can go out into the world and keep ourselves informed with the latest advancements.

5.  Love doesn't blossom between closed walls

College is our best chance to get a girl friend. We need to make the best of this opportunity or else we run the risk of spending a lot of our youth without a partner eventually falling into the trap of arranged marriage. But love doesn't happen in those classrooms. Love is out there flowing in the parks, food-joints and hangout places. So, off I go in finding my lady love.

6.  Time is valuable

College life is very short. Before and after it is cluttered with all those panic attacks and hence we need to make the most of college life. We need to find time to do innumerable activities like watching movies, playing online games, offline sports, hanging out with friends, planning parties, outdoor trips, pursuing passions etc. Amidst all these allocating one-third of a day for lectures is too unrealistic.

7.  I already know it all

Having got admission into the college via the prestigious entrance test, we already know a lot. Much of the curriculum  in the early days is already  known to us during our preparation for the entrance and hence we need not attend the classes. Moreover, as intelligent as we are , we know lot of stuff that was learnt during our pursuit of topics of personal interest.

8. Self Study is the best Study

We are mature enough to learn all by ourselves. In addition, the advent of the internet has made  it easier for us to learn from.  There is abundant amount of information available out there that can be learnt by only self-study and not by lecturer's age old methods.

9.  Practical Knowledge is essential

While theory bores you out and makes your brain empty, it is the practical experience that is going to make you wiser. So, we bunk our classes in pursuit of practical experience at the places where it is more probable to be found.

10.  Classes are Bonus

My friend Manoj Lambo was recently mentioning on Facebook that he is spending approximately 100 INR per hour for lectures. (His assumption was that fee per semester is 50K and number of hours per semester is 500 so its 100 per hour) But my thinking during college days was different. We pay our college for the Degree they confer us. The lectures are the free offer that comes with them. So, as a staunch believer of the maxim - You get what your pay for - I decided that lectures are not worthy enough.

Now, don't ask why I said 10+ but there are only 10 here. I just lied to you :)

The above were my excuses during college time. My thinking is a lot different and matured now. Do wait for my next post "10+ reasons why my reasons for bunking classes are not reasonable"
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