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Life(?) without Facebook

21 September 2010 View Comments »

I had been totally addicted to Facebook until I was forced to quit it (well since Sept 13th 2010) indefinitely. Ever since I passed out of my college, Facebook had become a part of my biological routine and was eating more than needed amount of my valuable time. I couldn't really manage my work with the distraction from Facebook. The much efficient E-mail notifications have made it all the more difficult to ignore. As I have been preparing for CAT these days, I saw it as a heavy distraction for my preparation. The frustration reached its peak when a friend ( name hidden for obvious reasons ) pinged me and said that I reduce my Facebook activity and concentrate on studies.

So, I decided to quit Facebook and started to chalk out a 3-step process to quit Facebook without deleting your profile.

Quit Facebook Addiction in 3 steps

  1. Announce your Facebook Death using a wall update
  2. Go and disable all your Facebook Notifications (E-mail especially)
  3. Start from 1 if you couldn't control yourself
At first look, you may want to shout out to me that my strategy is a big big failure.

But, unless you try out you surely can't realize its power.

Anyway, I followed my strategy and was successful (as it appeared). I was absolutely elated. I was on top of the world. I have done something only Bat Man will be able to do.

Soon, I felt like I am the elite. I was thinking of why people are so addicted to Facebook. I searched net for "Why is everyone on Facebook" (Well, I am not the only one who search for stuff like that. So, stop thinking mean about me). I came across this quote
Everyone is on Facebook because everyone is on Facebook.
Now, what the stupidity is this? Why are people so stupid to like something so stupid like Facebook ? Do they not have a job to do?  So, I asked Google " Why are people so stupid to like Facebook?". Google replied me with this:

Now that I am officially out of that group, I suddenly felt like the most intelligent of all. I felt my IQ has risen to 397. I saw CAT being murdered by me. I am going to be the topper of the batch. Then came the reality.

Where are my friends? Where is the latest news? Where is my future horoscope? Where are my farms? Where is my mafia? Now, I am missing them all. Facebook has become my face in recent days and all I have earned these days is on it. Facebook is not my face. It is my life. So, when someone asks me How is life without Facebook? I strongly feel like saying,

But, I don't want to be a Stupid. So, I tell with an air of pride that I have proudly Quit Facebook (indefinitely) Read the full story