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'Praja Rajyam' Movie Review

20 May 2009 View Comments »

Geetha Arts magnum opus movie produced by Allu Aravind has failed to reach expectations of audience. Here is a brief review of the movie -

Banner: Geetha Arts
Producer: Allu Aravind
Directed by: Mitra
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Nagendra Babu. (Allu Arjun and Ram Charan guest roles)
Writers: Paruchuri Brothers
Parental Guidance: Some obcene language by Posani and Shobha Rani

Story: The title cards are played for too long with Allu Aravind telling people to wait for the train. Finally the said train arrives and the party is launched in Tirupathi with a solo number by Chiranjeevi.
The initial response in theaters is terrific and the story starts to unfold. The movie gets boring in the first half with no punch dialogues by Chiranjeevi and same old stale lines of Paruchuri Brothers. The dialogue “Ganji Benji” got good response from audience but being a serious movie, the audience were expecting to see some intelligent lines about themselves, not the hero. As we start to doze off listening to the same old cliched lines, things start getting serious when the slums in Bheem Rao wada are vacated by ruling party politicians to build party office.

Interval bang: Pawan Kalyan erects vinyls of ruling party leaders in the middle of road and makes controversial remarks about all of them. Lot of whistles in theater and everybody is back on track.

The movie becomes interesting all of a sudden. Provoked by village ex sarpanch CBN, school teacher Roja makes remarks on Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. Chiranjeevi’s assistant Shobha Rani and house servant Posani lash out at Roja and she lashes right back at them. Things get real ugly and the village people are surprised by the beautiful language these guys are using to get at each other. Chiranjeevi declines to apologize for the behavior of his assistant. The ex sarpanch is also quite on the issue. Much to the audience’s relief, we have Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai’s wedding and a brief melody song follows.

After a lot of drama, finally the election dates are announced. As the story proceeds towards climax, we see some twists when friends like Parakala leave the party and start telling everybody that it is not a party but a company owned by Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind.

There is a side thread running with Allu Arvind playing full fledged detective as opposed to detective’s assistant in Chantabbai. In this movie he is trying to find who the two coverts are. He knows the exact number of coverts but he cannot identify who they are. The character of Allu Arvind is confusing as he does comedy some times saying they will win 292 seats, does drama by challenging dasari to come to Anakapalli and plays the villain to party cadre and hero’s fans of 30 years.

Right before climax, there is confusion as to who is going to stay till the end and who is going to leave the train. Finally the train reaches its destination but realizes that all the compartments are lost on the way. We see the hero walking towards the evening sun when the end title start to roll.

Analysis: The movie started sooraj Barjatya style with promise by Chiranjeevi to keep it a clean entertainer but audience were shocked to see obscenities from artists such as Shobha Rani and Posani.
Rumor has it that director Mitra has left the movie midway and producer Allu finished it.

Artists Performance: Chiranjeevi looked tired and uninterested. Although there were moments where he has shown spark by being different from other actors, he failed deliver a memorable performance. The surprise element of the movie is Pawan Kalyan who sadly disappeared 20 minutes before the climax and his character was ended abruptly. Nagendra Babu has a brief role in the beginning of the movie. Devender Goud is passable. Shobha Rani did some over acting while Padma scored as dignified lady. Read the full story

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Who the hell is LuckyMurari?

04 May 2009 View Comments »

Aim for the moon, You may atleast land on stars
I realized recently that I have a link in my navigation for my about page but it pointed only to the home page of my blog. So I took this huge task of writing an about page.

According to an estimate, a little less than 7 billion people are currently living in this beautiful world.But how many of them enjoy the pleasure being famous? Not even a million right?  That is what I would like to see myself in .

Though my parents named me Santosh Lakshman with a surname "Murari Shetty" which came as a bonus, like many of the youngsters, I named myself LuckyMurari. Ofcourse Lucky came from Lakshman and Murari from my surname.

I just completed my Bachelors of Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. Though my specialization there was Electricals and Electronics, I was never really into it. Since my early college days, I was interested in Computers and Internet. Added to that is my zeal for fame which got me into Entrepreneurship.

I am involved with different internet ventures. I used to flip websites initially.Now-a-days I build multiple websites with different content and stuff. In doing these tasks, I learnt a lot about SEO and internet marketing. I can confidently say that, I am your SEO consultant with lots of tricks up his sleeve.

I did an internship at Yahoo! India for a period of 5 months and during this time I went deep into programming. Though I was involved with doing basic front-end stuff previously, here I got myself neck deep in PHP, C++ and Webservices programming. I am good enough in those but got fed up with the routine kind of work. So, no, I am not a WebDeveloper. But I am good at prototyping web 2.0 applications. So this explains my ability as a web 2.0 applications architect .

I started up an offline venture with 2 of my other friends. The venture was named Colon K and it is your one stop personalized merchandise solution. Currently I am working on it.

I am already involved with the BITSexam - BITSAT sample papers website. With my friend, Arvind we try to help the students who try to clear the admissions test BITSAT of our college.

I am awarded Mantra "Entrepreneur of the year" award  and was also winner of the IBM quiz (I won a damn cool netbook in it :)) held at BITS-Pilani during APOGEE 2009.

In this blog, I try to blog some random stuff and try to keep it as personal as possible. Read the full story