In Pursuit of Awesomeness - Things I did (Updated 26th June 2014)

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A comic on awesomeness

It has been very long (>2 years) since I last blogged. My last post was in May 2014 and I even removed "Blogging" from my hobbies list. My Twitter account now has a boring bio like every other guy. Finally I decided to end this drought and write something.

The easiest way to make my lazy self to do it, is to just rehash an old post as a new one. In June 2011, I wrote a post titled "In Pursuit of Awesomeness - Things I did" . Instead of updating post, I am writing this new one with the things added from the last time. 3 years is a long period and I should have been doing (?) many things that are in my bucket list - Luckymurari's 30 under 30 .Here is the updated list of things I did.

In pursuit of Awesomeness by Lucky

  1.  Skydive ( In beautiful Prague )
  2.  Backpacking alone to an unknown place ( Switzerland )
  3.  Traveled 16 countries ( Eurotrip )
  4.  Steal Something
  5.  Start a Web venture ( BITSexam )
  6.  Start a Company ( Colon K )
  7.  Do rafting ( At Rishikesh )
  8.  Go on a Roadtrip to an unknown destination ( on 26th Jan 2011 )
  9.  Travel around the country on a train ( TATA Jagriti Yatra )
  10.  Miss a flight ( and book the next available flight )
  11.  Write to a Magazine ( wrote to Bhelpuri magazine )
  12.  Work as a freelancer, social media guy, programmer and a writer
  13.  Write Poems in two languages (Telugu and English)
  14.  Cry out loud 
  15.  Jump from 2nd floor of a building ( in 7th or 8th class )
  16.  Pay a bribe and Refuse to bribe ( Traffic Constable and LLR )
  17.  Eat in more than 10 Star Hotels ( Thanks to Startup conferences :P )
  18.  Help organize a national level event (Event Management)
  19.  Watch movies continuously for 20+ hours
  20.  Hack a website ( Secret shhhhh! )
  21.  Make a software Crack ( Desktop Icon Toy )
  22.  Quadboot from a single hard disk ( Ubuntu, Suse, OSx86 and Windows Vista  back in 2006)
  23.  Earn 1 Lakh+ in a month working for myself ( via Eureka Tips )
  24.  Take bath on the railway tracks ( During TATA Jagriti Yatra )
  25.  Study in a premier institute ( BITS Pilani and IIM Calcutta)
  26.  Deeply hated, loved and respected by at least one person each
  27.  Travel more than 50,000 Kms on Trains ( cumulative - during my different trips )
  28.  Stay awake for 48+ hours ( OASIS rocks! )
  29.  Lie under water for more than 2 minutes.
  30.  Donate Blood ( 7 times till now )
  31.  Watch cricket (actually a live telecast) in stadium ( World Cup 2011 Finals at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyd )
  32.  Sleep on a highway, airport ( Also on stairs,grass, portico etc)
  33.  Travel 200+Kms on top of a bus with a girl ( From Pilani to Delhi )
  34.  Receive award/prize in front of an audience of more than 1000
Only 4 things added from the last time. May be, these 3 years were not that productive. Let us see what future has in it. At least, I am able to get a new blog post up ( with some cheating)

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