Daily Updates 24/08/2008

24 August 2008 Leave a Comment

Hmm, Another round of updates :)Yeah, I kno this is Sunday but still I came to company :).So yesterday was a dull day n I just bought a headphones which gave me shock so near to my brain slot.Ofcourse, I was saved due the lack of that part :) Actually Fri nite I slept at K@k@'s room n morning came back to my room.My roomie (you ppl donno naa :) ) came today morning at arnd 630.I have to go to my room now n right that stupid PS dairy as I have GD tomorrow.No tensions abt that part..newayz I don care it :) But my major tensions is to go to that stupid "STAPLEs" which sold me thos eheadphones @330 just to give me a round of shock.Hmm, lets see what he had to say.

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