Updates 28/08/2008

28 August 2008 Leave a Comment

I was hinted by Arvind that it is better not to give daily updates, but instead give some biweekly or weekly updates.And it seemed reasonable to em.So I decided to update like wise.Now that I have a lot of info.

This week has been a very satisfying for me work wise :) but very bad personally :( In work I had to stay back till eleven thrice this week(ofcourse, don't think I am working all the hours,its only because I have to contact some person in SunnyVale,US to get some details).Personally many losses.Lost my spectacles.Realized that my PAN Card got misdelivered.My Cellphone headphones seemingly will never arrive back to me :(
But today got my second pay check and again it's sad to see that it's only 14,500 instead of 20K-Taxes=18K :(

Gali will be coming to Bang day after tomorrow.Most probably he will be staying at my PG.Have to make him comfortable("Athidi Devobhawa" :)My eyes started paining due to lack of speds.Have to get them as soon as possible probably on saturday :(

Was very sad and tensed 'coz of some of the happenings on campus :(But will wait and see.Sorry for this quick update with not much clear information.Anyways I am always available on IM and Phone :)

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