Relations? Huh! not affairs my dear!

12 September 2008 Leave a Comment

Relations? What are they??? Obviously they are not just the affairs(you spoilt brat). They are actually a part and parcel of your life. Your parents, your siblings(a big word for those brain eating creatures), your friends,your girl friends (the s in friends is intentional ;) ... the list goes on.These days we have also got those pseudo relationships as in IDPop etc (I will blog about them later). But what it takes for a relation to be ever lasting? Before that may be we have to define what is called an ever lasting relation?

In my dictionary, a relation can be termed as everlasting iff (see the double f -it means if and only if) the relation stays always the same from the time it got stemmed till the end. Maybe it can be strengthened but it should never show even a slightest decrease in the quality.

So which relation you may term as an everlasting one? Not just India, my friend, think global. If you think about it you are really in a fix. Now, you realize that there is no one in your life with whom you can term an everlasting relationship.

You and your parents are not as close after crossing your teenage as much as it was before.So that relationship is out of question.Then come your favorite opponents in the boxing ring- your siblings.One day, you or your siblings get to marry someone from alien lands and there ends the story of your relationship.C'mon you have to think harder.May be you will find atleast one.No way.Your past Girl/Boy Friends? They are already a past memory.If you are married then may be that alien could be your savior.No it still doesn't help.Some day after you are blessed with offspring(I think they should be called halfspring , a spring that is not yet full).Then you and your beloved half get less time to spend among yourselves.Again the affection got diverted. Ok, may be your offspring will fill that gap with a hard gummed relation.No way.Offspring is always to kick you off and when they are out of teenage they finish their destined deed.

And forget about those silly relations like uncle,aunt,nephew,cousin etc.So in your entire life you did not find one person who could make a perfect everlasting relation with you?Hey, you forgot the most important part of your life.Your friends (yay) .They are surely gonna save me out of this trauma.Isn't it? No again you are ditched. Tell your best friend?I am sure the answer wouldn't be your first friend of life.Huh! So whenever you get a new friend, the new friend is sweeter that the old?Or may be the distance between you and the old friend made you feel the new one your best friend?What falling into another trauma?My friend in the whole conversation (I know it's not really a conversation), you forgot one point.The thing is

It is you, the idiot, who has left all your old relations and fell behind the new ones.

So are you the culprit?Think about it.May be you will fond answer in my future post.

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