The closest and the perfect relation

14 September 2008 Leave a Comment

Ha, may be my last post has made some chaotic remarks and might have produced a highly confused state in atleast some minds and questions like "Has he gone mad?","Is he highly pessimistic?","Am I so lonely?" etc.But the answer to the question at the is perfectly answere by one of the readers by a weird name "makinhellaperfectplace2enjoy" .That is exactly what I wanted to convey.Ofcourse, there is also something extra(otherwise this post wouldn't have made it way here :) ).

Yeah, continuing with the last post.

It is you, the idiot, who has left all your old relations and fell behind the new ones.

But what is the reason behind? See deep into the heart and you will know.In most of the cases(well most) , you did not break the relation. It's just that you have moved away from the person involved and the relation slowly got vanished.But still the relation always exists there as a strong entity. It's kind of like the case in which you are in a well with a good rope to help making way out.Though you are currently not on the surface, you still are sure you can get to the top as and when you want.This case is a similar one ( well, you may not really be in a well now and may be in a heaven sorts.Still, this holds) . So you can bring back most of your relations by a simple initiative.May be some times a snail mail does it all.So it's not that you are lonely. It's just that you got a new land to stay on.

But what is it that makes you move far from all your current relationships? To be frank, it's just how a human mind is made of. Human mind always wishes for a change in life.I am sure all those seemingly "contented" people still seek a change in the way they live.And this is how it will always be.A college going student thinks "Ohh! God save me from these assignments".But when God blesses him/her with what (s)he wished for by giving unexpected holidays, he says , "Damn these hols! Gotta get some work man!". This kinding of thinking of human makes him/her to change his daily chore(BTW if it's changing why is it called a chore).When you change your chore, you sure have to change some things in life.One of those is the people with whom you remain in contact. Your relation with your parents changes only when you get a new job and find no time.You missed the relation with your siblings only when they are married(a change of chore ;)) or some other change.You got away from your old friends only when you changed to a new school or college.So, my friend, it's all dynamic.Life changes and so you have to change your relations.So again the question comes.

Is there not one relation which I can say is everlasting?

For this what I can do is quote the best possible explanation by makinhellaperfectplace2enjoy :

such a relationship exists n its the relationship u have with urself...............

a person knows ,somewhere deep in his heart WHAT HE IS>>>>

the relationship is constant and permanent and always getting stronger as he explores himself with each passing moment...

THE momentum of centre of mass in CM frame is zero..

I would also like to add one my favorite quote to it.

ME is Matter and Energy.ME can neither be created nor destroyed.It can only be changed from one form to other.

So make friends with ME.Though you know or not, you are already doing it.It's inside you and your relation gets better with every experience of the so called relations.

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