Precious Moments - Things you would like to look back

15 September 2008 Leave a Comment

Ha, whoever the visitor makinghellperfectplace2enjoy is, he really makes me feel special.Man you rock.His last comment though offtopic reminded me of this cool video.So just wanted to share it with you people.This is a famous "Gateway of India" scene from movie BluffMaster.
I am not a good reviewer of movies myself but still would like to express my view (after all its my blog :) on this special scene.The way Boman injects it into viewer's mind is really awesome.He starts it with the character's seemingly stupid banter.Though it seems stupid, the character puts in all its efforts to console the Hero. It irritates the hero and even audience initially.But from that state of low ebb, slowly he makes the hero and the viewers realize the essence in the gyaan he gave.That's a really commendable way of injecting things into a non listening customer.May be I should conclude with a quotable quote:

It's not idiotic my friend, it's just idiographic

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