Why one more??????

18 August 2008 Leave a Comment

Hey, I just realized that there is no personal blog for me :( Till now I have been writing blogs just with the motive of earning money or sharing tech talks.But all the while I have forgotten the sole purpose of a blog-

"A blog is an online journal of a person which talks of his views,life or virtually anything"
(well the definition is in my own words :) ).Uhh, none of my blogs had information about my life,my family and my precious friends.So thought I could start one in which I will just put my personal things (ofcourse, personal means just my personal things.Don't expect other people's personal details ).Interning at Yahoo is giving me a whole lot new of ideas which I am not able to catch up with due to busy schedule.Let's see what it turns out to be.I won't publicise this until I have sufficient amount of matter for the people to read(of course, not too much :) )

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