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Being Organized, Taking Action and Realizing Results

11 July 2010 Leave a Comment

I always used to wonder why a seemingly simple goal-tracking website like 43Things is so popular among the blogger community. I couldn't realize the importance of goal setting until yesterday. Yesterday, I came across The Millionaire Entrepreneur Forum and my usual interest to read random threads has made me realize that goal-setting, planning, becoming organized and tracking results are the very important aspects for someone to become successful.

The first thing I realized is that I am managing my time very badly. I am currently juggling with my websites, CAT preparation, new business ideas, family, friends and others. One day, I am totally immersed in my websites, the other day for new ideas and sometimes with friends. But, never did I do things in an organized way. I still am enjoying life/ reaping benefits. But, now I feel may be I will get more if I am bit organized.

So, I am now determined to get it all organized. The first task I am going to do now is buy a wall-board. I also am thinking of taking up The Challenge. So, from now on my regular schedule will include - The Challenge, Blogging on Eureka Tips and here, CAT preparation, and Exploring new Opportunities (Yeah I am going to do it as a task). 

Tell the world before you are going to quit smoking because if you ever want to start it again, you would be afraid of them - A Telugu Proverb

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