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Lovers love lovely loveless life

23 November 2009 Leave a Comment

Most of the 'Single' humans around me are always yearning for a life with a loving partner. Agreed, that since long , I have been (and am ) desperate for a GF of my own :) . And, that has been one of the major factors that has allowed me to observe those love birds around me. With that kind of experience, I can say the following deductions.

Become more responsible:

If the love is really on the air, you can observe that the people who are in it will become more responsible. The life (especially student life) which used to be more of fun and enjoyment will now become responsibilities, aims, goals etc. Agreed, you would anyway have to take up responsibilities in future, but now it comes somewhat early.

Change of Goals/aims:

I am a believer in Change (this is not Obama hype ). Still, this change is different. Especially, if you wanted to take some unconventional path like not applying for a job or taking a filmi career <as opposed to engineering> etc., then you will be forced to change your path. As the responsibilities increased, you need to get settled faster. And, most of the times , decision of the other half will be on priority.

No risks, no adventures:

If you are like me you would like taking risks in life. You might also yearning for adventures. But once you have fallen for someone, you got to lose your risk-taking attitude. There is something/someone you have gained recently and hence don't want to lose them. You might think, before also you had parents, siblings etc., who stop you from taking risks. But the attitude is different. Previously, you would have thought, if something happens to me there are my parents to take care of. Now its different. If something happens to me, who will take care of my loved one?

No freedom of..:

Previously, taking advantage of your 'single' status you could have flirted with anyone, commented on a girl/guy, boozed out with friends etc. Now you don't have that freedom. Obviously, your loved one wouldn't allow you to flirt with someone else. Moreover, everyone knows you are nomore 'single' and hence you won't get a person to flirt with eventhough your lover is generous enough to allow you to flirt. You couldn't comment on a girl/guy coz most of the times that person will turn out to be a friend or relative to your loved ones. Booze out with friends- forget that coz now you are health, money, and lover-conscious.

PS: I am still single and am in search of a GF. Anyone interested can forget what is said above and contact me :)

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