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Yahoo acquired Xoopit Photo Application

23 July 2009 Leave a Comment

I have been a big fan of Xoopit since I came to know of it during HackDay Bangalore . Currently, new registrations are not allowed for this application. So can't give you the experience. But anyways, Xoopit is a great application to manage your photos in E-Mail. This has created a lot of buzz in Yahoo circles since long. I was expecting, rather say hoping, Yahoo would take hold of it. One reason, I doubted this happenign was that Xoopit was more concentrating on GMail and has prepared plugins for GMail and not Yahoo Mail. I saw a Facebook update mentioning Yahoo! acquiring Xoopit and was elated.

According Y! Corp Blog,

In short, Xoopit will bring phenomenal photo organization, improved photo sharing, and the serendipity of discovering forgotten photos to Yahoo! Mail.

I now only hope that Y! Mail revamps and brings out features like this which willmake me return back to using it (Disclaimer: I no longer use Yahoo! Mail directly. I am redirceting everythignt o my GMail) .

What it means to Yahoo?

With this acquisition, surprisingly which Google has not tried to acquire, Yahoo! now grows its lead in Photo media which is heavily supported by Flickr. People can undoubtedly say Yahoo! is the best with respect to Photo Media. I onyl wish now for a desktop application to augment the use and ease of Flickr.

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